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Ernesto Exposito

Full Professor

Teaching and Research domains:
System Engineering, Industry 4.0, Information Technologies (Cloud, IoT, Services Computing)

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Current positions

  • Full Professor at Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
  • Head of CPSA research team at LIUPPA
  • Vice-rector of International Relations



Habilitation à diriger des Recherches

- Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT)

- Subject: Méthodologie, modèles et paradigmes pour la conception d'une couche transport de nouvelle génération

- Defense: 09/12/2010, LAAS/CNRS, Toulouse, France

PhD1999 - 2003

Doctorat en Informatique et Télécommunications

- Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INPT)

- Subject: Spécification et mise en œuvre d’un protocole de transport orienté qualité de service pour les applications multimédias

- Directors: Michel Diaz and Patrick Sénac

- Research teams: DMI-ENSICA, OLC-LAAS/CNRS

- Defense: 17/12/2003, LAAS/CNRS, Toulouse, France

DEA1998 – 1999

DEA en Informatique Fondamentale et Parallélisme

- Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT)

- Subject: Modélisation d’un ramasse-miettes pour les multi-bases de données orientées objet

- Director: Pierre Bazex

- Defense: June 1999, IRIT, Toulouse, France


Computer Science Engineer

- Universidad Centro Occidental Lisandro Alvarado à Barquisimeto, Venezuela

- Distinction: Cum-laude

Current Position

Full Professor

09/2016 - Present

Vice-rector of International Relations


Professor des Universités à l'Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour

Teaching Areas:

-Software Engineering,
-Object Oriented Design/Programming,
-Service Oriented Architectures,
-Distributed/Web/Mobile Applications
-Cloud Computing and Big Data platforms

International Officer, I-SITE E2S-UPPA


Head of CPSA Research Team


LIUPPA Laboratory

Current Research:

Industry 4.0
Cloud Computing Integration Platforms for new generation of «Internet of Everything»


Previous Positions

INSA Toulouse, France2006 - 2016

Associate Professor

LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France2006 - 2016


Valtech, France2005 - 2006

UML Architect Expert

In charge of UML Design task of the New Generation Fly Management System for the FLYSAFE European Project, at Thales Avionique, Toulouse, France

NICTA, Australia2004 - 2005

Researcher at National ICT Australia Ltd (NICTA)

Researcher at the Network and Pervasive Computing (NPC) groupe at National ICT Australia Ltd (NICTA), Sydney, Australia

Conjoint-lecturer at UNSW

Conjoint-lecturer at the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

ENSICA, France1999 - 2003

PhD Student and Teaching Assistant

Courses: Objected oriented design and development (UML 2.0 based), Multimedia Applications development

UCLA, Venezuela1996 - 1998

Part-time professor

Part-time professor at the Computer Science and Operational Research department of the Universidad Centro-Occidental Lisandro Alvarado

INFORMEX, Venezuela1993 - 1998


Founder and Director of a Start-up in the area of training and software engineering services in Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Research Activities


Head of the CPSA Team, Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'UPPA

Research interests

Scalable and elastic cloud computing platforms enabling integration and smart management of objects, services, resources, data and people (new generation of «Internet of Everything»)

Research Axis

- Autonomic Architectures

- IoE Integration Platforms

- Model-driven self-management

Application domains

- Industry 4.0

- Extended Enterprises and Enterprise Social Networks

- Autonomic Connected Vehicules



2014: Trophées des technologies éducatives


SOCLE Project: Smart Open Cloud-based Learning Environment.

Software Production

ASB Emulator platform


Example of production : The ASB Emulator platform allows to characterize and model the performance of distributed service-oriented systems connected by an autonomic service bus (ESB) such as the Dynamic Manufacturing Networks.

Transport Protocols


Transport protocol specifications and documentation

Semantic Models


Ontology of QoS requirements and service characterisation

Selected Publications


Chinese Edition: Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures

Integration Platform as a Service

This book introduce a new generation of Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for modern Enterprise Architectures.

Smart SOA Platforms in Cloud Computing Architectures

Integration Platform as a Service

This book is intended to introduce the principles of Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing paradigms and how they provide a new generation of Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) for modern Enterprise Architectures.

Advanced Transport Protocols: Designing the Next Generation

Advanced Transport Protocols

This book proposes a model-driven methodology and a service-oriented approach aimed at designing the mechanisms, functions, protocols and services of the next generation transport layer. This approach can be applied to design other kind of complex distributed systems.

Digital Home Networking

Digital Home Networking

This books provides a state-of-the-art of digital home standards and protocols, as well as in-depth coverage of service architectures for entertainment and domotic services involving digital home resources. Topics include networking, remote access, security, interoperability, scalability, and quality of service. In particular, the book describes the generic architecture that was proposed and developed in the context of the EUREKA/Celtic research project Feel@Home

Selected book chapters

Selected Journals

A framework of models for QoS-oriented adaptive deployment of multi-layer communication services in group cooperative activities

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

Selected Conferences

Selected Journals

A collaborative methodology for tacit knowledge management: Application to scientific research

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

Multilevel and Coordinated Self-management in Autonomic Systems based on Service Bus

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

Other journals

yPBL: An Active, Collaborative and Project-Based Learning Methodology in the Domain of Software Engineering

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

My teaching responsabilities

In the following sections, the graduate and undergraduate programs under my responsability are described.

The learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competence, as well as the applied pedagogic methodology and the assessment approach are presented.

Most of my lectures are given in English and follow an active and collaborative project-based methodology named yPBL that I have designed. Most of our projects are carried out with the active participation of industrial experts.

Master - Industry 4.0

CS Master - INDUSTRY 4.0
(Master taucht in English)
Head of Master


  • Current trends on digital technologies represented by the Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, social networks, cloud computing, big data and cognitive computing have provided the basis for a new industrial revolution named Industry 4.0.
  • Our Industry 4.0 Computer Sciences Master degree offers a 1 year, full-time postgraduate program, aimed at providing solid scientific and technological foundations in order to innovate, design and develop future digital organisations based on the new Internet of Everything (IoE) paradigm. It is suited for students planning both an academic or an industrial career and provides the theoretical basis and the practical expertise required to pursue in research or R&D organizations.
  • Master - SIGLIS

    CS Master -SIGLIS
    (Systèmes Informatiques pour le Génie de la Logistique Industrielle et des Services)
    Head of Master


  • Le parcours SIGLIS propose une formation alliant une solide culture informatique à des compétences directement opérationnelles en logistique et organisation, y compris dans l’utilisation des technologies de l’Internet des Objets dans le secteur manufacturier et des services, répondant aux challenges des Entreprises du Futur.
  • Student testimonials

    Projects Responsabilities

    (French FUI Project, 2017-2020)


    My role:
    Scientific leader at LIUPPA

    Interactions between autonomous vehicles and infrastructures for mobility services in low-density areas

    (European Project, 2011-2015)


    My role:
    Scientific leader at LAAS

    Innovative End-to-end Management of Dynamic Manufacturing Networks

    (Industrial project 2015-2017)


    My role:
    Scientific leader at LAAS

    QoS Management Architecture base on Deep Packet Inspection

    Deep Packet Inspection for Satellite Networks (machine learning)

    (Collaboration FR-VEN Project, 2014-2016)


    My role:
    Scientific leader

    Plateforme Cloud Intelligente

    (European/Celtic Project, 2008-2010)


    My role:
    Scientific leader at LAAS (with M. Diaz)

    Full Extended Experience of living at Home

    (European Project, 2006-2007)


    My role:
    Coordination of Autonomic Transport Services design and development task

    Policy based Management of heterogeneous Networks for guaranteed QoS

    (European, 2004-2007)


    My role:
    Scientific leader at NICTA

    End-to-end quality of service support over heterogeneous networks

    (Australian, 2004-2005)


    My role:
    Scientific coordinator at NICTA

    Creation of QoS maps based on signal strength of wireless networks.

    (Collaboration FR-VEN Project, 2005-2010)


    My role:
    Coordination of Transport protocols related activities

    Automatisation Intégrée des Procédés de Production

    (European Project, 1999-2001)


    My role:
    Design and Development of the FPTP transport protocol

    Global Communication Architecture and Protocols for new QoS services over IPv6 networks

    PhD Supervision (In progress)

    Sebastien Ducos
    (From 01/10/2019)

    Sebastien Ducos

    Subject: Design of Cognitive Cyber-Physical Systems for the Industry 4.0

    Supervision at 100%

    Mamadou Lamine Gueye
    (From 01/10/2019)

    Mamadou Lamine Gueye

    Subject: "Conception d'un cadre générique basé sur les modèles de représentation des connaissances pour la gestion autonomique des processus d'apprentissage de l'Université 4.0"

    Co-Supervision at 50% (with M. Laurent Gallon/LIUPPA)

    Houssam Kanso
    (From 01/10/2019)

    Houssam Kanso

    Subject: Détection et diffusion de données logicielles et contextuelles vertes dans les environnements cyber-physiques

    Co-Supervision at 50% (with M. Adel Noureddine/LIUPPA)

    PhD Supervision (Cotutelle)

    Hussein Hellani
    (From 01/02/2019)

    Hussein Hellani

    Subject: Plateforme fiable en utilisant la technologie Ledger distribuée pour les environnements industriels basés sur l'IoT

    Co-Supervision at 50% (with M. Layth Sliman/EFREI)

    Manuel Sanchez
    (From 01/10/2016)

    Manuel Sanchez

    Subject: Autonomic Integration Platform for Industry 4.0

    Co-Tutelle - Supervision at 50% (ULA, Venezuela)

    PhD Supervision (Defended)

    Matthieu Carre

    Matthieu Carre

    Subject: "Approche formelle pour générer et réduire les cas d’usage sécuritaires du véhicule autonome"

    Supervision at 75% (with M. J. Ibanez)

    Fannia Pacheco

    Fannia Pacheco

    Subject: Classification techniques for the management of the “Quality of Service” in satellite communication systems.

    Supervision at 100%

    Antoine Auger

    Antoine Auger

    Subject: Portée spatiale et temporelle des connaissances à partir des données du Crowdsourcing "

    Supervision at 50% (with Prof. E. Lochin)

    Emna Mezghani

    Emna Mezghani

    Subject: Towards Autonomic and Cognitive IoT Systems, Application to Patients' Treatments Management

    Supervision at 50% (with Prof. K. Drira)

    Amina Chaabane

    Amina Chaabane

    Subject: MULUS : un réseau social distribué pour une consommation sélective de contenus composites

    Supervision at 33% (with Prof. K. Drira and Prof. M. Jmaiel)

    Codé Diop

    Codé Diop

    Subject: "Un Bus Autonome pour les Systèmes Distribués à base de Services"

    Supervision at 75% (with Prof. C. Chassot)

    Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gomez

    Subject: "Une Architecture Multimédia Dirigée par les Ontologies pour la Gestion Autonome de la Qualité de Service dans les Réseaux Domestiques"

    Supervision at 80% (with Prof. M. Diaz)

    Nicolas Van Wambeke

    Nicolas Van Wambeke

    Subject: "Une approche pour la composition autonome de services de communication orientés QoS. Application aux protocoles de transport configurables"

    Supervision at 50% (with Prof. C. Chassot)

    Editorial and Committees

    Editorial Board

    Journal of Network and Computer Applications


    Editorial board member

    SCImago Journal & Country Rank

    IET Wireless Sensor Systems


    Editorial board member

    SCImago Journal & Country Rank

    International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing


    Editorial board member

    SCImago Journal & Country Rank

    Open Journal of Information Systems


    Editorial board member

    Guest Editor

    Special Issue: IET Wireless Sensor Systems


    Guest Editor for IET-WSS Special Issue

    Special Issue: Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information


    Guest Editor for RNTI Special Issue

    Special Issue: Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information


    Guest Editor for RNTI Special Issue

    Journal Reviewer and Program Committees

    International Journal Reviewer

    IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Communications Magazine, IET Communications, Computer Journal, Computer Networks, Computer Communications, Computers and Electrical Engineering, International Journal of Communication Systems, International Journals of Software and Systems Modeling, International Journal of Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems, Annals of Telecommunications, Telecommunication Systems Journal, Journal of Network and Computer Applications, Journal of Systems and Software, Journal of Systems Architecture, Future Generation Computer Systems, The Journal of Universal Computer Science, International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing, Interactive Technology and Smart Education Journal, ...

    Active participation as PC member each year



    Other responsabilities

    Organization of the V MEXFITEC forum


    For ISA BTP, ENSGTI, ENIT, INP Bordeaux and ENSIP

    V MEXFITEC Forum, October 17-20, 2018, Bayonne, France

    Track Chair at ICCCN 2015

    ICCCN 2015

    Track Chair of the Internet of Things Track at The 24th International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN 2015)

    ICCCN 2015, August 3-6, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Conference Chair of CAL 2013

    CAL 2013

    Président de la 7ème édition de la Conférence francophone sur les Architectures Logicielles

    CAL 2013, May 30-31, 2013, Toulouse, France

    Work in Pedagogy, Innovation and International





    Personal Information

    Collège STEE - Sciences et Technologies pour l'Énergie et l'Environnement - Côte Basque, 1 Allée du Parc Montaury - 64600 ANGLET, France


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    Email ernesto.exposito at

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